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How can inner alchemy & energy healing improve the quality of your life?

"We all feel lost, alone, and stagnant at times in our lives. Spiritually, these are the perfect times to pause, regroup, and strategize how we will move forward. Life speaks to us in symbols and reflections, which are oftentimes difficult to decode unless we are able to be objective. This is where spiritual guides and facilitators will help you on your path. Equally as important, if we have recently made a huge breakthrough, gaining momentum in a new direction is vital to sustain our growth into a true transformation.

When we have learned the necessary lessons that our souls must integrate through particular circumstances and experiences, we can then progress to new adventures. Energy work and spiritual tools are accelerators in the journey, transmuting lower vibrations, which keep us down and stuck, and breaking through to our highest potential. Once we align ourselves to this new paradigm, what were once dreams become true possibilities and inevitably manifestations. Each soul's evolution is special with unique lessons and challenges. It would be my honor and privilege to support you on your healing path with understanding, insight, and a safe place to release and recharge."

Rachael Marie Shaffer, RMT

Urban Empath's

Services Available:

Could It Be Time to Book a Session?


Are you consistently...

  • feeling fatigued, overwhelmed, or overstimulated?

  • avoiding being the focus of attention or feeling invisible?

  • isolating yourself or experiencing a fear of offending others?

  • suffering from anxiety, depression, or other intense emotions?

  • experiencing déjà vu or questioning where you belong or why you're here?

  • feeling lost, misunderstood, confused, or separate from other people?

  • feeling that there is immense power within you that you're afraid to express?


*If you answered yes to 3 or more, it's time to BOOK a session!


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