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How to Manifest Your Dreams!

Manifestation is sometimes made out to be a complicated and esoteric phenomenon, but it can actually be creative, fun, and simple.

The steps for the manifestation process seem to be universal:

1. Get very clear about what you want to attract into your experience.

2. Set the intention in a powerful way.

3. Magnetize yourself to the desired outcome.

4. Release it to God, the divine, the universe, or some higher power.

With regard to step one, sometimes we just don't know what we want. When you're in this state, you'll attract by default and get a seemingly mixed bag of results. You'll need to do some soul searching here. What is it that will make you happy, joyful, passionate, euphoric? I encourage you to dream big and not settle for comfortable or just making it. That's not very inspiring anyway, is it? ;-) Step one is probably the most daunting task. After you set your sights on what you want to manifest, the other steps are very simple and should feel like a ceremonious celebration!

Step 2 is capturing the desire in a powerful way by setting the intention. There are innumerable ways to accomplish this. My personal favorites include writing down in detail the circumstances I want to come about in a "sacred journal" with a "ceremonial pen". My sacred journal is simply a beautiful Papaya brand journal with the message "Your Wish Is Granted. Now Is the Time" on the cover, and my ceremonial pen is a gold sharpie that I picked up at Staples, but they are sacred to me and only used for this purpose. :-) I also carve my initials at the bottom of a long, green candle (green is the color associated with manifestation) and list upwards in the wax the things I wish to attract. I infuse it with energy by focusing my intentions into it, and as the candle burns, the list of desires symbolically melts into my life. I've also been know to cut out pictures and words from magazines and paste them onto poster board. Then, display the vision board prominently in my bedroom. There's also an area of my bedroom painted with chalkboard paint where I list the main goals and intentions that I'm currently working with. This is where many manifestors leave it, but this, alone, is not enough. You must also align yourself to your new circumstances.

Now is the fun part! We begin to magnetize ourselves to the desired outcome. Dale Carnegie suggested writing your goals down on note cards and everyday look at your dreams one at a time and practice creative visualization. Picture yourself in that spacious office or in the sports car or holding the paycheck. Seeing it isn't enough to manifest it either, however. We must FEEL what it feels like to win that award or walk down the aisle. Our emotions are strongly connected to what we invite into our experience. Have you ever noticed how people who are down, angry, sad, maybe broke just get more and more of the same? They are aligning themselves to it and therefore receiving more and more of it because they are summoning it with their emotions. Chances are they also have a phrase that they tell themselves over and over again that creates that pattern, like "Life is hard" or "I'm exhausted" or "It'll never happen for me." When you link emotion to a repeated phrase, you are utilizing a powerful tool, known as an incantation. Let's begin using our incantations to manifest our dreams! What phrases promote joy and passion for you? Can you link it to the visualization of your dream house or successful business? If you can feel it, smell it, taste it, hear it, see it, and dream it, you can create it. When we use all of our senses to manifest, we become a powerful magnet for our dreams. Celebrate as if you already have what you would normally pine for. You'll repeat this step for a few minutes daily along with step 4.

Release it to a higher power. You've gotten clarity around what you wish to achieve. You've set the intention in a powerful way. You've magnetized it by aligning to it emotionally. What's left to do? Continue to vibrate at the new frequency by trusting the universe to provide for you, either the situation you've planned for or something even more spectacular! Don't look around and wonder why it's yet to arrive! You will then vibrate in a state of lack consciousness that will only bring you more of that. We must surrender to divine will. There are unknowable forces and circumstances that will bring us our opportunities and desires, but we can't dictate the how and when. Let's focus on what we have control over, and that is our vibration. Repeat steps 3 and 4 daily, along with practicing gratitude for what we've already received. This is a new standard of being for many people, who up until now have been satisfied with complaining about what isn't working for them and maintaining stagnation, but you are special. You've read this far, which tells me that you are committed to your growth and healing process. I am so impressed with you. Joy, love, and purpose to you!

Warmest Wishes,


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