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Are You Unlovable?

Are you unlovable? The answer is obvious. ABSOLUTELY NOT!

But, the why may not be as obvious...

The truth is that not only are you completely lovable, but YOU ARE LOVE.

You are an incarnated expression of divine consciousness having a temporary human experience. At times, your human nature will tempt you to feel misunderstood, alone, not good enough, and possibly even unlovable.

When we give in to the temptation to feel small- and we all do sometimes- we miss opportunities to express our true loving nature.

Oftentimes we have RULES in place around when it's appropriate to show love. They might sound like, "I'll show love if I'm acknowledged and appreciated first," or maybe, "If I perceive rejection, disagreement, or disrespect, I will withhold love." These rules are for the most part unconscious patterns established to protect our sensitive hearts, but we can CONSCIOUSLY perceive the SUFFERING that closing off our hearts creates.

Every person has the need to feel unique, special, and respected, but if we put the need of SIGNIFICANCE first, we will only express love when we are prompted by an outside source. Can you see the problem in that? If I'm waiting on you to SHOW ME RESPECT before I will offer you KINDNESS or CHEERFULNESS, and you are waiting for me to ACKNOWLEDGE YOU before you'll show me GRATITUDE or AFFECTION, what does that offer the world?

We are fulfilled in happiness by serving each other in JOY and LOVE. If I don't embody my true nature of love, I'm the one who suffers. I'm the one who misses out. When we share love openly, its presence in our lives MULTIPLIES and nourishes us constantly from a multitude of sources.

When we make love our FIRST PRIORITY, and commit to coming from a place of COMPASSION for ourselves and others, that is what we receive. So, again, to answer the question, ARE YOU UNLOVABLE? Not only are you lovable, adorable, beautiful, and an original, unique expression of love itself, but you are the SOURCE of all of the love you have ever experienced. I'm wishing you a HEART FULL OF LOVE for Valentine's day and everyday.



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