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What Is Your Happiness Potential?

There is no need to pursue happiness because it is not outside of yourself...

Happiness is a decision, a standard, and a commitment to a higher quality of life. Nothing outside of yourself will make you happy, and happiness does not (and must not) wait until someday in the future. Your life is this moment, and the joy inside of you is waiting to be fully expressed.

The problem with waiting until you meet Mr./Mrs. Right or until you hit the jackpot to express happiness is that the circumstances will never be just right. You'll always find a reason to withhold your bliss because you've conditioned your brain to find what's wrong with your circumstances.

Or maybe you do experience happiness in that moment. Did that happiness walk in with the new romantic interest or get deposited into your bank account? Not at all. You decided that the circumstances were right to express happiness. YOU DECIDED!

So, why not set yourself up for a happy mindset constantly? If we set up impossible stipulations about when it's appropriate to rejoice, how often will we experience that? It seems silly, doesn't it? But so many people live their lives in this way. If we own the fact that we're in control of this, we can change it in an instant.

The moment we catch ourselves attaching to a dark or irrational thought, we need to center ourselves and let that thought pass right on through. Treat it like the last time you dated a dud. You wouldn't give a second date to someone who was obviously a terrible match for you, would you? I sincerely hope not. ;-) So, why invest in a thought that doesn't match your new happy lifestyle? Don't give it a second thought! Release it with a "GOODBYE" or a "CANCEL, CLEAR, DELETE" before it becomes an unfounded belief.

So, what is the secret of happy people and what is your HAPPINESS POTENTIAL? When we celebrate the small victories, we find joy in the simplest things. It's a very childlike way of being. Remember, as a child, opening your eyes on Christmas morning? Well, it's Christmas for me, but for you, that morning may have been your birthday, the first night of Hanukkah, or another special occasion- like the first time you put a tooth under your pillow for the Tooth Fairy.

Well, how would your happiness quotient skyrocket if you had that positive reaction to simply opening your eyes in the morning? Or because you had a wonderful night's sleep in a comfortable, warm bed? Or because your train came right on time? Or met no traffic jams on your way to work. Or because the sun is shining? Or because the moon has a beautiful glow? Or because the hottie in the mirror is smiling at you? ;-)

The amount of happiness that you're able to experience in a lifetime is solely determined by how much happiness you commit to expressing in every moment. When you have happiness, joy, bliss, elation, and other high vibrations rippling from you out into the world, you absolutely have a positive effect and lead others in doing the same.

Come on,

GET HAPPY!!! :-)))

Warmest Wishes,


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