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Fear Is a Gift!

"Self-esteem is made up primarily of two things:

feeling lovable and feeling capable." ~Jack Canfield

You have qualities, strengths, and beliefs that make you unique, giving you an individual path and purpose. This is what makes you special, a fingerprint of the divine in human form. But what makes you just like every other person who has ever walked this earth? The answer is your FEAR.

Every single person has the fleeting or lingering experience of fearing that he or she is not enough and will not be loved. These two major fears can be completely debilitating for one person and intensely motivating for the next. We all use our fears in different ways, and I'm hoping that your awareness of the NOT ENOUGH and I'M NOT LOVED fears will help you to see them for what they are and release any attachment to them.

Our darkest times can be humbling, sometimes humiliating, but I believe that these moments are gifts that push us to connect with ourselves and others more deeply and authentically. After all, if you're an awakened and aware individual (and that's how I see you), you have the capability of recognizing when a fear is triggered and releasing it or at the very least dancing with it without holding on too tightly. ;-)

So the very next time your mind tunes into the station playing the tired, sorry tunes of "I'm just not good enough" or "nobody will ever love me," feel proud that you are an official member of the human race. Laugh it off, or even better, assuage another's fear. The gift we give another is the gift we give ourselves. If I let you know that you're wonderful, irreplaceable, and adored, I feel it too as the messenger.

Your special combination of skills and talents is such a gift to the world, and it brings me immense pleasure to witness your humility and courage through everything.I'm so in awe of you.



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