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Spotlight: SOUL MATES

"Understand the nature and influence of repeating patterns, from childhood experiences or even from past lives. Without understanding, patterns tend to repeat, unnecessarily damaging the relationship." ~Brian L. Weiss, Messages from the Masters

Our souls have all incarnated for the same purpose- to evolve and expand through experience. A powerful process to ensure the achievement of our growth is by contracting to encounter a soul mate with whom karmic resolution is pending. We have many soul mates, and they don't always show up as romantic connections, although the more intimately involved we are with someone, the more potent the gifts and lessons they bring to us. We may see ourselves projected onto another person whose words and actions make a huge impact.

When we first encounter a soul mate, there will be recognition or familiarity. This soul recognition may be initiated by looking into each other's eyes and sensing that we've met before, by feeling the heart connection of a love bond from previous lifetimes together, or by invoking a strong physical chemistry that too easily moves from romantic passion to jealousy and hatred. In all cases, a magnetic pull will attract two soul mates together for the purpose of healing and understanding our patterns. When unhealthy patterns are illuminated by our attention, that awareness initiates the unraveling and release of those patterns that no longer serve our highest purpose.

Through my work with past life regression and past life reading, I have come to realize that either this connection is a mutual one (or starts as one), or sometimes there is an imbalance to be resolved, which may show up as our partner giving to us or our desire to give to him/her. I've also found that many times we will be put in similar circumstances as one of our previous incarnations together with the roles reversed so that we may grow by experiencing both points of view. As the karmic resolution initiates, our magnetic attraction intensifies and oftentimes we mistake this feeling for falling in love. We see the highest potential of our soul mate, which is inevitably an opportunity to accept and integrate our higher selves. While the intensity of these experiences may bond two people emotionally, it does not promise compatibility or that we're moving in the same direction.

When the karma releases and the attraction eases, the disillusionment phase has begun. We will start to notice that the angel we've been getting to know has a darker side that's not very attractive at all. Or that rebellious genius is regular and boring after all. Here we are presented with an opportunity to accept and integrate our shadow selves. If we make it through the disillusionment phase with a bond still intact, that is the beginning of the true relationship. At this point, if we have enough in common, enough good will accumulated, and a strong enough bond forged by kindness and maturity, a genuine relationship is a definite possibility. However, after all of the chemistry and magnetic pull evaporate, we oftentimes find that a friendship is the most appropriate expression of our affection.

I wanted to share this information with you because I find that many people are in the dark about this phenomenon and shining a bit of light on the situation provides them with at least a glimpse of hope and sense of compassion for themselves and their loved one. A romantic soul mate relationship can be challenging, with an abundance of pain, passion, misunderstandings, and confusion. With insight and awareness, the rewards of love, joy, and inner peace may be even greater.

Warmest Wishes,


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