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Follow Up on SOUL MATES

"People think a soul mate is your perfect fit,

and that's what everyone wants.

But a true soul mate is a mirror,

the person who shows you everything that is holding you back,

the person who brings you to your own attention

so you can change your life."

~Elizabeth Gilbert

Last week's blog brought up some questions, so I thought it a good idea to follow up on soul mates this week. Oftentimes when people use the term soul mate, they are actually referencing a twin flame. I'll delve into that topic in a future post. Soul mates aren't only romantic connections, although that's what I'm focusing on here. The truth is that you have many soul mates, and therefore many opportunities to heal and grow. The quality of the connection will reflect where you're at in your own growth and your relationship to yourself.

You can gauge where you're at in your development by looking around at whom you are attracting into your experience and your relationship to them. In love relationships, we'll continue to attract partners who reflect back to us parts of ourselves that we have yet to accept and integrate. This will continue until we reach a level of understanding and self-acceptance that allows us to remain fully embodied while appreciating the gifts of our partner. Oftentimes our beliefs are that we are being fueled by an outside source of love and passion (our partner), but the truth is that our connection to the divine source provides a limitless supply. Until we are able to fully integrate that experientially, we will continue to reach out energetically to seek fulfillment. When we are seeking fulfillment in this way, our romantic relationships will create a lot of suffering. If we have an expectation for another person to complete, heal, save, or constantly provide a source of love and acceptance for us, the imbalance will be too much for the connection to withstand and will quickly burn out.

When the temptation is there to seek fulfillment outside of yourself, practice affirming the qualities that you're seeking for yourself. For example, if you see your partner as kind and loving, when you're experiencing those moments, affirm to yourself "I am such a kind and loving person" and rejoice in it. After all, you're simply admiring your own reflection in another. In this way, you won't follow the vibration of this appreciation outside of yourself and instead will remain fully embodied while honoring the relationship. If we make the conscious decision to stay centered and not fill up the space between us and our soul mate energetically, there is room to move closer and closer to each other.

Warmest Wishes,


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