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Touching on TWIN FLAMES

As promised, this week I'd like to share the idea of twin flames (or twin souls), which is what many people are referring to when they use the term soul mate. A twin flame is very special, and you only have one. To help us understand the concept, it is often explained as a creation story in which sparks of the divine were separated into two, a masculine and feminine counterpart. The purpose of this individuation was for the all-knowing to experience life through the illusion of separation. We all originated as a part of this whole and will eventually absorb back into it.

Generally, when our twin flame is incarnated, we remain on the other side as a guide and vice versa. As many souls are on their final lifetime, it is more common for twin flames to find each other on this plane. When twin souls reunite, it may feel much like when we meet a soul mate. There is soul recognition, meaning we have a feeling of familiarity without having encountered them before. There will be an instant attraction and magnetic pull. Oftentimes there will be a psychic connection and a calling to unite and heal the planet or help humanity together. Twin flame relationships aren't a breeze, however.

The concept of meeting our other half is very appealing to most people because we've been longing for understanding and merging with someone with which we share a passionate and loving connection. We may forget that our twin flame will be another human being with his or her own fears and filters, and the union can bring added challenges. Many times, twin flames will have times where they won't spend a moment apart and then times of complete separation when one or both is overwhelmed by the expansive nature of this connection. This will be a repeated pattern until both have had enough growth and self-acceptance to allow this type of bond to be comfortable and more pleasurable than painful.

Additional indicating signs that we have reunited with our twin flame are similarities in our zodiac signs (we will often have the same or opposite sun sign), our birth dates, major life events, addresses, phone numbers, etc. Many twin flames will account seeing the number 11:11 or other numerical sequences and/or having vivid dreams of each other before a chance meeting that was quite obviously divined. Also, the physical chemistry and intimacy will involve a sacredness that neither had experienced before.

Upon reuniting with our twin flames, we will experience that connection to another that we've been longing for lifetime after lifetime. We will also be challenged to grow and expand in our purpose and transform our lives to embody our highest potential.

Warmest Wishes,


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