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AUTHENTICITY: Being True to You!

I hope that you're feeling wonderful and all of your hopes for summer are coming to fruition! It's raining here, which always represents a cleansing to me of old patterns and renewed hope and vision when the sun reappears.

I'm in Pennsylvania right now (where I grew up) visiting my family, and being here is always a reminder of how much growth and progress I've made. It's actually very jarring and uncomfortable to have new standards for myself when I am surrounded by people that know and love a less SELF-ACTUALIZED version of me.

I have to consciously remind myself when I'm triggered that it's an opportunity to be vulnerable and express my needs. This is not second nature to me as a powerfully sensitive person for many reasons, but it is the perfect situation to forge those abilities in the midst of my resistance. Who better to practice with than the people I love and trust?

Can you see how AUTHENTICITY is the key ingredient here? When I express my truth in a respectful manner, I am giving the gift of my ESSENCE, which requires energy and maintenance. I cannot express my TRUE SELF if I am resentful, triggered, or running on empty. My BOUNDARIES ARE A GIFT to those who wish to interact with me at my best self. Expressing those needs and boundaries requires:



  • TRUST in myself,



-- all key components of AUTHENTICITY.

How often do we:

  • make do,

  • remain silent,

  • begrudgingly accept,

  • brood in resentment,

  • manipulate to get our way,

  • fake a smile?

This deceit and betrayal of ourselves requires so much energy that we're running on empty and wonder why we're angry, grumpy, exhausted, anxious, and depressed. I empathize with anyone experiencing this because I used to live there. What helped me make the shift? I EDUCATED MYSELF through classes and working with HEALERS, MENTORS, & COACHES.

What really made me draw the line though was that I began associating more pain with hurting the people I cared so deeply about when I was running on empty than with the investment of energy it took to express my needs and boundaries. I also never felt UNDERSTOOD or KNOWN. That was such a lonely and hopeless time in my life, which is why SELF-EXPRESSION is so important to me now. I want you to feel the COURAGE to be TRUE TO YOU. I believe in you, the real you. Take the mask off. I can help you. Contact me for a complimentary 30 minute strategy session.

Warmest Wishes,


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