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Wisdom of Your SEASON


I hope that you're enjoying the sunshine and warmth of this season or if you're fair-skinned like me, enjoying the shade. :-)

I feel called to share something that we're all familiar with, but we sometimes forget its application within our own lives. Everything in our experience that is cyclical and process-oriented goes through SEASONS, much like the weather. Some examples of those experiences are relationships, finances, healing, and career- to name a few. It's not only helpful to know which season you are experiencing, but also what actions are called for in each season.

If you are currently weathering the SPRING of the actualization process, it's time for you to make a decision. This is a time for planting seeds. Commit to what it is you would like to achieve and make an action plan. Realistic goals are the strongest seeds and a supportive, encouraging environment makes the most fertile soil. If you're surrounded by pessimism and criticism, that's like planting right over concrete. The roots don't have a chance to ground this plan(t). So be mindful in setting yourself up for success.

Have you already committed to a plan and decided exactly what you want to reap? Then, in the SUMMER, it's time to protect and nurture those seeds. Fertilize them with positive thoughts, water them with gratitude, and fence them in with faith in what will be actualized into your life. You will begin to see the sprouts and shoots through synchronicities and opportunities to take action. Weed out any doubts and negative self-talk. Patience is important at this time, as reaping would be premature. There is a certain MAGIC in the process of growing a seed to fruition, and the manifestation process is the same. We can't pull on the sprouts and shoots to help them along, so take a hands off approach in this phase and let the magic happen. Manage what you can, which is your mindset and expectations.

Next is the FALL, which is HARVEST season. The fruits of your labor are finally tangible! Here you are called to open your mind and heart to receive and accept what has grown due to your efforts. Again, managing your expectations will be called for, as you've probably already experienced actualizing in an unexpected way. This is also a time of celebration and giving thanks for everything that has been provided. Your desires are ripe for the picking, so it will feel much easier to go out make things happen.

WINTER is the most challenging season for many people with a big dream in their hearts, whether it be a longing for love, wealth, success, or acknowledgment of any kind. If you sense that you're in the winter season, take heart. Please find SOLACE in that you are intended to take a pause and rest at this time. REFLECT on the entire cycle, spring-summer-harvest, that you've just left behind, but do so with compassion and curiosity. This is a great time for assessing what worked and what didn't and learning for next time. And when you're able to feel the closure of the winter upon you, be prepared to plant your next crop.

This was written and sent on its way to you with the




I hope that seed blossoms in your HEART!

Warmest Wishes,


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