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Connect to the Limitless Source!

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Hi there! How are you? I hope that you're feeling JOY and LOVE in all that you do. Recently, many of my friends, family members, and clients have been reaching out and asking for support with intense emotions, depression, anxiety, and frustration. I'm feeling it too, so what's the SOLUTION? I believe that the cause is also the solution.

When we seek SOLACE, LOVE, JOY, and other high frequencies in earthly resources, those sources will always be IMPERMANENT. The good news is that those negative feelings are impermanent as well! If we seek love from our partner or happiness from our job, we will experience fluctuations in the flow of those feelings and eventually that source will no longer exist. So, what happens to our love and happiness? Is there a source with an endless supply? There is!

There is a higher power, a greater SOURCE, where the supply never runs dry. So many of us have forgotten that connection, and it's completely natural to temporarily forget. When we feel attachment to the material plane, we lose touch with the spiritual. How do we know we're feeling attachment to the material world? We feel:

  • HEAVY,

  • TIRED,


  • BORED,

  • an EMOTIONAL VOID and/or

  • TUNNEL VISION to PROBLEMS or sources of PAIN.

How do we re-establish our awareness of that connection to a higher power? By changing our patterns of PHYSIOLOGY. We cut ourselves off from source when we constrict our air flow. Vital energy is moved through the body with BREATH, so taking deep, expansive breaths is paramount when connecting to source. Rolling our shoulders back, lengthening our spines, and elongating our necks to have an open channel allows for optimal FLOW. Some activities that get us into the flow are:










  • LAUGHING (my favorite), to name a few!

But, getting into an open posture while breathing deeply is oftentimes sufficient in aligning us to a sense of CONNECTION. Feeling calm and centered with a sense of buzzing or opening at the top of the head is a great indication that a MEDITATIVE STATE has been reached. I will generally take the next step and focus my awareness at my heart center, then allow it to expand in all directions. Also, listening to relaxing music that's been infused with brain wave rhythms or binaural beats to deepen my relaxation is my consistent practice when channeling/composing these blog posts.

*When we are connected to the limitless source, we are provided for perfectly. Energetic healing work and hypnotherapy are powerful methods for reconnecting. If you are interested in trying Strategic Revitalization, Subconscious Illumination, or Past Life Regression, contact me and we'll talk more about it!

Sending you all JOY, LOVE, LAUGHTER, AND HUGS!

Warmest Wishes,


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