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Processing Through Purging


Hey there! How are you holding up? We just transitioned through the autumnal equinox and are most likely still feeling the effects. Did you make the most of it? For me, it proved to be a time of PURGING of all kinds. Yesterday, a friend and colleague of mine came over to help me declutter and Feng Shui my space. It's incredible what we hold onto, isn't it? And it's reflected in every area of our lives. Could there be something or someone that you're holding onto that no longer serves a HIGHER PURPOSE in your life? When we clear our space, a couple of things happen.

1. WE GAIN MENTAL CLARITY because we no longer have all of the physical distractions hanging out to irk us. Blocking those things out takes precious brain power that we need to be using elsewhere. This newly refreshed resource will help to recognize what else no longer serves us, whether that be relationships, dietary choices, behavioral patterns, thoughts, etc. This is the immediate take-away of clearing your space!

2. OLD WOUNDS GET REOPENED for the purpose of healing. Who else is feeling this one? Can I get an AMEN? So many of us! I'm flabbergasted. Doesn't it at least help to know that we're not the only ones? We're being called to step up our SELF-CARE game and recharge after all that releasing. Take the time to feel those feelings and process those fears-- alone or with truly supportive loved ones.

I understand that it can be scary to be in the middle of an emotional storm with no one to hold you. So if you're blessed to have someone who will, call on them for support. For the rest of us, don't be afraid to have that intimate experience with yourself. Our pain is beautiful too. Aren't you an exquisitely deep and complicated one? I relate and honor that part of you.

Also, for those of you going through it alone, who are uncomfortable processing your pain without support, please reach out to me. Energy work and regression will ACCELERATE and SUPPORT your healing journey. By the way, since so many people are reaching out to me for guidance, answers, and certainty during this time of change-- and I'm struggling to get back to everyone, I'm working on recording a meditation to put you in touch with one of your personal SPIRIT GUIDES to ask for whatever answers you want, whenever you need. As soon as it's completed I'll be emailing it out to my contact list.

Sending each of you LOVE, JOY, FULFILLMENT, & FREEDOM! Until next time...

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