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Your Big Dream Is Your NORTH STAR


Here's hoping that you survived Mercury Retrograde without too many setbacks and misunderstandings. It's generally a tricky time, full of miscommunication, delays in transportation, and problems with electronics.

Mercury Retrograde is also a time of revisiting RELATIONSHIPS, PROJECTS, and PROBLEMS from the PAST to make peace and find closure or move forward in a new way. Now that Mercury is moving direct again, you may feel less ambiguity about how to proceed or you may perceive the path ahead with more clarity.

But what happens when you're still FULL OF DOUBTS AND FEAR about where you're heading and if you're even capable of succeeding?

During a recent conversation with a friend, he was expressing doubts in his dream for the future, deeming it too big to be achievable. Just as an aside, my intuition is always hooked up, which can be annoying when a friend just wants to be heard. So, I'm oftentimes hesitant to share the guidance that comes in. After all, this wasn't a healing session.

However, this time I shared what I was receiving. I very clearly saw the NORTH STAR and got the message that this is what his dream is for him. The North Star has been used as a navigational tool since ancient times, but has never been thought of as a destination. Even if my friend's seemingly unattainable dream is never fully actualized, that was never its INTENDED PURPOSE for him.

Can you think of something in your life to which this guidance could be applicable, whether that be the ideal romantic partner, a fantasy home near the ocean, a perfectly fit body, or maybe a dream career where you're helping and earning millions?

It's okay for your HUGE DREAM to be a GUIDE POST, as opposed to a destination or vision for the future, because that destination and vision will most likely EVOLVE as you do. That's just another reason to KEEP YOUR FAITH AND HOPE ALIVE and never stop FOLLOWING THAT BIG DREAM!!!

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