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  • Rachael Marie Shaffer, RMT

Pink Full Moon 4/11/17 @ 2:08 AM, EDT

🌕 Supportive Vibes for the PinkFull Moon glow today! The full moon is a great time to release anything that is no longer needed. Just purge all of that unwanted and unnecessary debris. This can feel overwhelming and emotions can be volatile!

Whisper essential oil blend by doTERRA will provide a lot of relief and support because it contains florals to uplift emotions and balance hormones, sandalwood and vetiver to ground and stabilize, and sweet notes of cinnamon, cocoa, and vanilla to promote pleasurable sensations. More info at! Some crystals to harness the potential of the full moon are Selenite for cleansing the aura and dissolving cords to the past (log in the background), Labradorite for strengthening intuition and seeing past illusions (slab pictured), and Moonstone to soothe emotional instability and nurture your growth (wrapped as a pendant in a Tree of Life wire design).

Reach out to me at with questions or just to say hi! Warmest Wishes, 👑Rachael

*Card from The Earth Magic Deck by Steven D. Farmer

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