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  • Rachael Marie Shaffer, RMT

The Magic of Leaning Back

We are often given tools and strategies for going out and making things happen, and it feels most comfortable when we have control over who, what, and how people and things show up in our lives. However, there is a factor that many of us have difficulty with, and that is the art of allowing the results of our initial investments to fully take root before we forge ahead with more action.

Leaning back gives the people, opportunities, and circumstances that are meant to be a part of our lives the space necessary to come towards us. If you find it difficult to do so energetically, try doing so with your body and see if that shifts your vibe. Trouble doing so may be an indication of tension and constriction in the body as we lean forward (however slightly) to take charge. Taking deep diaphragmatic breaths and slow exhales (both through the nostrils), while noticing and releasing any bodily tension, can help you get into an open and receptive state.

In this state of receiving, you may find that you are magnetizing more people and opportunities, which will test your ability to say no. Sometimes, our discomfort at expressing our boundaries is the core reason we close ourselves off. Growing in this area will enable you to take the appropriate time to lean back energetically to allow the seeds of your manifestations to flourish.

Warmest Wishes,


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