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  • Rachael Marie Shaffer, RMT

A Willingness to Be Vulnerable

So many of us are numbing our emotions because we believe that being vulnerable is showing weakness. So, we medicate in our most familiar and comfortable way. We overeat, overspend, overuse medication, overbook ourselves over and over again.

What we don't realize is that while we are numbing ourselves to darker emotions that we believe we cannot handle, we are numbing ourselves to the emotions that we are actually craving, like love, joy, euphoria, and fulfillment-- we cannot selectively numb emotions. And numbness doesn't equal peace.

I type this with the utmost respect and compassion for anyone reading this. I've been showing up more and more in this state of vulnerability, and I'm finding that I'm much stronger than I could have ever imagined. The scared little girl that jumps into her shell at the slightest indication of danger is not the strong, resourceful woman who shows up when it's time. And don't get me started with how mesmerizing it is to people to be with someone who is present and true to themselves.

All this to say, when I am willing to be vulnerable, to admit to my shame and joy-- to show my fear and love-- I connect with other people who are brave enough to disarm from their defenses and show themselves to me. And we honor each others' courage with a knowing and encouraging smile, maybe a hug. These interactions turn into connections that turn into relationships that fuel fulfillment that shifts the mind from a state of fear to peace and gratitude. And it all starts with a willingness to be vulnerable.

Warmest Wishes,


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