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  • Rachael Marie Shaffer, RMT

💕Calling in the One: Day 16

In my one-year-old logic, when my brother came home from the hospital and received much of the attention that used to be mine, I made this mean that I didn't matter that much, that I was disposable, replaceable, not enough. That I was insignificant, unlovable, unwanted, worthless, a disappointment. It made me believe that there's not enough love to go around and that you can only count on yourself emotionally because the rug will always be pulled out from under you. That no one cares what I want or feel, and therefore they cannot be trusted. It made me see the entire world as uncaring.

That's all very dramatic, I know. I'm still pretty darn dramatic, but it doesn't help to carry around these beliefs that were created in a mind that only had one year of experience with relationships and life itself. When I look around in my life, I can see these beliefs being proven false over and over again. I do have people that I can count on, I do have a lot of love in my life, and I'm way more than enough. But until I really go through the process of inquiry and replace them, I'll continue to operate as if they were 100% true. In fact, when someone shows up who doesn't prove these beliefs, I won't be attracted. That's why I am so grateful to be doing this work.

This life is an inspiring, exciting, joyful adventure!

What were your conclusions from this chapter? Comment below!

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Warmest Wishes, Rachael

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