• Rachael Marie Shaffer, RMT

💕Calling in the One: Day 20

This chapter and the exercises went so deep for me. I felt a shift immediately! As I was writing down all of the patterns, desires, and emotional burdens of each of my parents, I felt heavier and heavier as the weight of it all overcame me. We're not meant or even equipped to take on this weight, but we do so out of love and loyalty when we are too innocent to understand the implications.

The meditation was so powerful for me. Both of my parents, in my mind, wanted to enter my side of the figure eight and I had to continue to put them back. They became animalistic and aggressive when I wouldn't allow it, almost like they were possessed by a demon. Eventually my mother settled on her own, but I had to visualize my father's parents holding him back and comforting him. This did the trick.

In the end, when I apologized to and forgave each of them, I felt so healed. This is perfect timing because I'll be moving closer to them in a couple of days. We were each able to transmute our own negative emotions and patterns, which felt so freeing and joyful! We were able to say goodbye and see you soon. I feel like if done full out, the content in this particular chapter has the potential to heal so many things that we inherit from our lineage-- like hoarding, isolating, OCD, just so many behavioral patterns. I'm so grateful!

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