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  • Rachael Marie Shaffer, RMT

💕Calling in the One: Day 28

What choices do I feel most proud of?

▪️ I am so proud of all of the healing I've done, the modalities I've trained in, the quality of people that I've surrounded myself with, and the progress I made in music and performance because I feel like it reflects the quality of person I am, even to myself. And I feel confident when I think about all I can do and offer!

▪️ Choosing authenticity makes me feel confident, like I'm the type of person who feels good enough about myself to put things out there to be judged or loved by others and to kick ass when necessary.

▪️ Choosing to be understanding and compassionate, instead of defensive, allows me to be human and flawed as well. (Work in progress on this one!)

What lessons did I learn as a result of making these choices?

▪️ I've learned that being beautiful is important to me in addition to being intelligent, talented, and skilled in my chosen crafts. Because of this, my beauty gives me confidence, and my confidence diminishes when I don't feel beautiful. I have to take as much care of my physical well-being as my mental, emotional, and spiritual.

▪️ I've learned that my sexual awakening is worthwhile and that my pleasure is important too. I wasn't created to please a man.

▪️ Being authentic means integrating my shadow qualities so that I am whole-- not feigning sainthood. When I'm able to shine the light on my wounds, others can relate and feel understood. Then they can heal as well with less shame.

▪️ I've learned that the more accountability I take for my thoughts, physiology, emotions, & well-being, the less I need the world around me to be a certain way. Collapsing triggers, doing yoga, and questioning irrational thoughts is key!

▪️ Choosing to be understanding and compassionate means that I'm not constantly at war within myself. And I don't need to battle other people. I can love them. This is almost impossible when I am triggered and/or haven't taken good care of my basic needs.

There's so much more that I wrote in my journal. This chapter took a lot of time to complete, but it was so worth it! I feel like I had some major breakthroughs around false beliefs that I've been carrying around for a lifetime!

What were your conclusions from this chapter? Comment below!

If you'd rather share in private, don't hesitate to email me at

Warmest Wishes, Rachael

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