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  • Rachael Marie Shaffer, RMT

💎Crystal Card of the Day for August 6th, 2017!

There are behavioral patterns that we developed as young children, sometimes babies, that worked very well to get our needs met or to ensure our safety. When left unchecked, we bring these patterns with us into adulthood, and they can keep us stuck. We may find that our romantic relationships all start out like a fairy tale, and we seem to get triggered or hit a wall at a similar point. Or our thoughts spiral out of control taking our emotions with them, and eventually our behaviors, until we found ourselves in an addictive cycle.

How do we get out? The simple answer is interrupt the pattern. Do something different to shake yourself out of that spiral. When the neural pathway has been strengthened by years of repetition, we get pulled into it like a hypnotic trance. I learned an effective technique from Anodea Judith. As soon as the observer of your mind awakens to the awareness that you're in the trance, notice what you're doing physically with your body and amplify it. Slowly do more of it. Exaggerate your hand movement or forehead tension. Hunch your shoulders even further, clench your jaw tighter. The key is to do this very slowly. Exaggerate your physicality like this for several minutes, and then do the opposite. Deeply relax any area that had tension. If your body was contracted, open it up in an expanded posture. Again, slowly. This helps to reset those neural pathways over time. Working with Cassiterite can support you with an optimistic attitude and transmute heavy emotions when working through the spiritual pain of which the mental/ emotional/ behavioral patterns were born.

Warmest Wishes,


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