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🔮How We Relate with Crystals

Thanks to advancement in technology, we can see more scientific evidence of the energy field of crystals, such as this research photo from (fascinating site- check it out!). Here, a quartz tower is photographed, using their Kirlian photo plates. You can see from the image how the electromagnetic field of the crystal (which has been amped up by a Tesla coil and plasma) is most likely interacting with our auric field when they come in contact. The vibration of the crystal will have resonance with our energy field. Sort of like when ice melts in water, changing the temperature, we and the crystal are affected vibrationally by each other as we relate, leaving the one with an energetic imprint of the other. So, it's not that we're simply taking on the vibration of a certain stone, we're forming a relationship as we work with them. I find that a beautiful thought. 💎💙 Warmest Wishes, Rachael

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