• Rachael Marie Shaffer, RMT

💕Calling in the One: Day 31

The meditation about giving and receiving love to everyone made my heart feel balanced and stable without needing to close myself off. Right not, I'm really grieving NYC -- the people I love there, the heightened state that my sensitive system couldn't sustain (but became addicted to), all of the things to do and new people to meet... so many inexplicable things. I feel an ache in my heart when I open it right now and find myself trying to push down my emotions. So, being receptive and vulnerable is really difficult now. I'm kind of just isolating as I sort through these feelings and finding it difficult to focus on work and other things. I do usually feel a little of this when I come back to visit PA from NYC just because the pace and people are so different, but this time I'm not returning. So, the uncertainty and sadness are exaggerated.

I'm not taking phone calls or responding to emails very quickly. I also waited until late in the day to do this chapter, so I'll have to do the exercises tomorrow. Feeling like I need to hide away at the moment to find peace. I'm sure this is just a temporary state until I adjust to my environment and finally move into my own space. But at the moment, it does not feel comfortable to be walking around vulnerable and receptive at all, which is how I know I desperately need to work through this chapter.

What were you feeling after working through this chapter? Comment below!

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