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💕Calling in the One: Day 42

Today's lesson is about speaking and voicing a request. This can be really challenging, especially if you have a throat chakra deficiency and not much air in your astrological chart -- like me. For most of my life, in social situations, I have been called out for being quiet and observing, but I just have a very low tolerance for small talk and am frankly not very good at it. Conversations get deep fairly quickly with me, which is just too intense for some people. I have also been known to expect people to read my mind, which is just a horrible way to create connection with others. I've been told that that habit was developed because I have a lot of psychic energy and can read others fairly well, so I oftentimes expect reciprocation. The most difficult thing for me to ask for is space. I don't feel like I have a history of positive reactions when I do, and this issue is really charged for me. So, I tend to get distant or passive aggressive when I'm feeling smothered or irritated. This makes me sound just awful as a human being. But, this isn't all there is to me -- just the things I'd like to actively work on that I am able to acknowledge after working through this chapter.

Katherine Woodward Thomas writes that the goal of communication is to commune with another, but we so often use it as a weapon or not at all. Both of which can disintegrate relationships. Having unspoken expectations doesn't allow people to show up in the way you need them to, even if they are fully committed to doing so. So, at times, we may sneak in a casual complaint in the guise of an innocent comment or put on a happy face when we're inwardly stewing in resentment. I'm guilty of it all, but I am definitely growing and committed to doing better! Today's astrological events create the perfect, fertile soil to plant these seeds of intention, and being back in the town of my formative years summons a powerful resistance to grow in me, which will ultimately help me to forge an even greater strength!

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Warmest Wishes, Rachael

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