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  • Rachael Marie Shaffer, RMT

💎Crystal Card of the Day for August 22nd, 2017!

After yesterday's solar eclipse, it is a fertile time for new beginnings and a fresh start. You may be feeling as though a lot of old habits, thoughts, and emotional patterns are coming to the surface to be released. Don't hold onto them too tightly. Just observe and let them go. It's a chance to say goodbye for good! A new you is emerging. One that's been in the works for quite sometime. You've been gaining skills and gathering faith in your capability to do whatever you set your mind to. Now is the perfect opportunity to forge ahead!

Desert Rose Selenite is a great stone to work with at the present time, aiding your release of the outdated energy and supporting the emergence of a more authentic you. Desert Rose will support your growth in confidence and psychic awareness, guiding you in the journey ahead. When held, Desert Rose Selenite helps to activate the palm chakras, awakening and heightening the ability to give energy healing to yourself and others. Part of your current path may very well be to study an esoteric healing modality and begin a practice in the healing arts. Best Wishes in everything! Your Desert Rose would make a great talisman for the journey.

Warmest Wishes,


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