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  • Rachael Marie Shaffer, RMT

๐Ÿ’Ž Crystal Card of the Day for September 2nd, 2017!

When I first began working at an esoteric bookstore in NYC about 10 years ago, I was new to the metaphysical properties of stones. I felt a lot of pressure to learn quickly, as customers saw all of the employees as experts and expected experiential knowledge and recommendations. It truly was like a spiritual, esoteric, and metaphysical boot camp for me. Malachite was always a stone that I gravitated towards. I was drawn to the color and pattern, as well as the fact that when I gazed into it and worked with it, it became easier to be in my body. I would enthusiastically and naively praise malachite for its grounding influence, which really confused customers because other employees who were crystal experts would assure them that it was not a grounding stone.

What Malachite does excel at is bringing to the surface and clearing emotional baggage and trauma, as well as absorbing negative energies in our stead. As an emotional empath, overstimulation and stuffing my own feelings in order to cope with the barrage of feedback from others, the provision of a release valve for the amount of charge I took on made it easier for me to be in my body, allowing me to ground down, when my pattern was to float above to resist the overwhelm. This was the first of many lessons for me about how our relationships with stones are so personal, and while they do have general properties, they also indirectly affect other things. My experience with Malachite is a prime example. Had I asked for a stone that would help me with grounding, Malachite would never have been recommended, but I trusted that I was drawn to its beauty for a reason. This is why I always say, "Trust your intuition when working with crystals." Which ones are attracting you visually?

Warmest Wishes,


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