• Rachael Marie Shaffer, RMT

💎 Crystal Card of the Day for September 5th, 2017!

Premature ascension, or spiritual bypassing, occurs when the development of the upper chakras and spiritual pursuits are prioritized to the exclusion of the lower chakras and more earthly tasks. I, personally, identify with this phenomenon and can tell you that for me it originated in hermetic/ secluded/ mystical past lives that led to issues of belonging in this lifetime, as well as other sources of spiritual pain that screamed for my attention, leaving my lower chakras and more "human" concerns to be left ignored and underdeveloped. I almost felt like I developed my chakras backwards and I'm currently working my way down, playing catch up.

Aragonite has a grounding, stabilizing effect and is a perfect choice to work with for anyone who resonates with the spiritual bypassing description or could use more connection to the earth plane. This stone is great for anyone who could use a dose of discipline and a push in personal growth. It can also aid in harnessing the spiritual wisdom and energies down into the lower chakras, bringing you solace and tranquility in this volatile and unpredictable world, supporting the sometimes difficult task of grounding for the sensitive soul. Those years spent focused on esoteric knowledge and deepening your understanding of the human condition were not lost. You just took a different path than most, and that understanding of the infinite can be applied as you experience the finite world from a grounded place. Balance and stability are within reach. You can do this!

Warmest Wishes,


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