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  • Rachael Marie Shaffer, RMT

💎Crystal Card of the Day for September 7th, 2017!⠀

When it comes to decision-making, some of us are wired to get an initial response of affirmative, negative, or wait for more information. This makes the process of committing to a path fairly straightforward and provides some confidence and certainty. Others are wired differently. If you are an emotional person, allow yourself an emotional cycle (a high and low, a night's rest, etc.) before fully committing, deciding, or providing a response. For others, their inner compass is a subtle, quiet voice that does not repeat, and oftentimes they complicate the process through overthinking, over-rationalizing, and/or diluting with outside opinions. Others feel it in their willpower to move forward. Others receive a more visceral response from their bodies. Or maybe feedback from the environment or lunar cycle provides the answer. For some, it's a combination. Which process resonates the most within you?

Wavellite is a great stone to work with to discover your unique decision making sequence, putting you in touch with your inner compass and even providing a range of options that work for your individual circuitry. This powerful healer will also help those whose decision-making process is impeded due to childhood trauma that resulted in compartmentalizing ourselves. Bringing the pain to the surface in order to heal, Wavellite moves us through it towards a sense of inner peace and a sense of wholeness. Many of us fear the process of healing these intense emotions, but a successful life is worth the discomfort. You are strong and whole.

Warmest Wishes,


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