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  • Rachael Marie Shaffer, RMT

💫 Soul Coaching: Day 1

Wow! Today was a lot of writing. Still working on answering all of the questions and assessing where I'm at and how I would like to move forward. I realized that I tend to value spirituality and exercising my mind over my physical body. I'm in the process of changing that. I went to the gym today, even though it put me in a time crunch. I had high hopes of making a quality video today with lots of info, but I had so many technical difficulties that I ran out of time. (Hello shadow period of Mercury Retrograde). I read in another book that some people make processing their emotions so important that if they don't have bountiful time to do so everyday that they feel easily overwhelmed. I totally relate to this concept. I'm naturally an emotional person, and definitely an emotional empath. Oftentimes it hinders my ability to get things done and accomplish goals, or I'll easily lose myself in my work because I identify so much with my emotional experience.

I feel like my purpose and passion is taking in the human experience and transmuting and transforming it (pain and all) into the beauty of art, fun of comedy, and wisdom of a sage. I feel like my purpose is to heaI and help others with my experiences and insight. I feel joy in that. I feel joy when I'm onstage and people are laughing or feeling deeply as they witness my humor and/or vulnerability. I love working on film. I'm currently living in a small town, as I took a hiatus from NYC. I don't think I'll move back on a long term basis, but will definitely visit. I'm currently romanticizing California in the same way I did NYC before I moved there. That being said, I love New York City and would like to honor those that were impacted by 911 by playing full out in life and help others do the same. So, it's no coincidence that I decided to begin this journey today. Still have much journaling to do! How was your first day? Did you have any insights or synchronicities? I expect that there will be for all of us along the way. Working on Balance as well. Balance of the elements and aspects of myself and to empower myself so that I may find success in every area of life. I want to thrive so that I can lead others in doing so for themselves as well!

xo Rachael

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