• Rachael Marie Shaffer, RMT

💎 Crystal Card of the Day for September 12th, 2017!

Our insecurities can cause us to reject and resist parts of ourselves that are then susceptible to criticism and get hooked into shame. We've all encountered people who are outwardly disapproving or judgmental of something about us that they openly dislike, but most of our "critics" don't label themselves as such and are very often unaware of their effect, which can be more hurtful as we question our perception as well as our worth. When we begin to make peace with these disowned aspects of ourselves, we are much less triggered by outside opinion. I once read that as we age, the parts of our brain responsible for caring what others think of us begin to die. While I couldn't track down the source, the idea that we're less sensitive to criticism the older and wiser we become certainly rings true for me. And as we embody ourselves more fully, via self-acceptance and maturation, it is much less likely for us to be pulled from our center and hooked into other people's drama.

Galena is a grounding and centering stone, promoting harmony within the system by enhancing and bringing more awareness to the connection between our physical and ethereal bodies. When you're experiencing self-doubt and limiting beliefs, having Galena close by can help connect you to your spiritual wisdom, giving you a more resourceful and holistic perspective. It may also aid those who are physically detoxing and reduce inflammation. *Caution when working with Galena: there's some lead content, and while it is safe to work with, do not ingest it and limit the inhalation of its dust.

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