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  • Rachael Marie Shaffer, RMT

💫 Soul Coaching: Day 4

We made it to day 4!! Lots of journaling today, and I LOVED it. Writing is so therapeutic for me. I did start the day out with a migraine, and a bit under the weather, so when I read what she wrote about things coming to the surface to heal, it resonated as truth to me. Purging can happen in the literal sense, along with the subtle, as we are aligned in mind, body ,emotions, and spirit.

The enough wound is huge for me. The second chakra wounding that I inherited has led me to become addicted to learning and growth. I almost feel like my life isn't worthwhile if I'm not learning something or growing in some capacity. And look at the venture I've taken on here. Documenting my growth by going through the process first of all, writing about it, and vlogging. It's been a learning curve, so thanks for the patience when the posts come out late.

A few of my thoughts, reframed:

"I am drowning" becomes "I am learning to dive deep" or I am learning to float above the darkness."

"I am weak" becomes "I am building strength."

A couple of my faults toned down:

Emotional becomes "Compassionate

Sensitive becomes "Attuned to my Environment"

Perfectionist becomes "Committed to Excellence"

Procrastinator becomes "Honoring Divine Timing"

Stubborn becomes "I own my truth"

I also went through my core beliefs and when I adopted them... went a little more in depth in the vlog below:...

xo Rachael

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