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  • Rachael Marie Shaffer, RMT

💫 Soul Coaching: Day 5

I woke up today feeling so rejuvenated and ready to face the day. This decluttering and organizing project is making such a difference! I honored my commitment and went to the gym adding more exercises and stretching, which felt so empowering -- superwoman! I began moving more items out of my bedroom, making it feel like a sanctuary, which is very necessary. Today, we did our Clutter Questionnaire and Cleaned One Area. For me, bedroom was screaming the loudest for my attention, but when I was reviewing my journal entry, I realized how ignored my work desk was feeling. It's not crazy cluttered, but certainly disorganized. I connected that to my tendency to be actively pursuing multiple studies and work opportunities at once, resulting in a less focused mentality. Also, my healing practice has taken on many evolutions as I've trained in different modalities and decided what felt best for me to provide.

While working on the Playing Full Out Option of Employing the Power of Metaphor, I made another connection! When I was working through some deep healing in a group Family Constellation workshop, it came through that I was rejecting where I was from because I never felt like I fit in. Without making peace with my roots, I'll forever be running away, which not only makes it impossible for me to have the positive impact I wish to have where I choose to go, but it makes me a burden in some way -- almost dangerous. I'm still sorting through that idea -- to fully understand how I was dangerous to NYC for not having owned my place of birth, but on some level I knew it to be true. So, here I am! Forced to reckon with the wounding and rejection of my past by embodying my home and planting sustainable roots for the first time. It's been so very difficult and very painful, but knowing that you are on this journey with me makes it so much more manageable. Thank you and I love you so much! xo Rachael

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