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  • Rachael Marie Shaffer, RMT

💫 Soul Coaching: Day 8

I just recorded a very long vlog for today's topic, and realized that it would probably be best to bullet point this one... Don't worry, I go into every detail in the vlog below. 😅 So, we're looking at turning points in our lives, the effects they've had on us, and the recurring emotions that we have experienced. Here's a few of mine:

⚡Break in the bond with my mother at 14 months, initiated a lifelong battle with mistrust, emotional instability, fear, caution, despair that I have pretty much healed through Family Constellation Therapy, after learning that break in the bond was a thing about a year ago.

⚡Watching my father through the window leaving for work, banging on the glass and crying at 3-years-old. He was working full time and going to night school to achieve his masters in business administration. From a 3-yr-old's perspective, I was abandoned by the person that I loved most in the world. Felt deep sadness, longing, and guilt around not being able to make him stay. This created a deep wound as well. I thought that if I took on the emotional baggage of my parents that love would be assured to me and that I alone could transmute it. It's what put me on the path to understand human behavior, relationship equity, and spiritual healing.

⚡I read the book Embraced by the Light in senior year of high school, about a woman who had a near death experience, saw the afterlife, and came back to talk about it, I was obsessed. I felt like, wow, someone has all of the answers! I really liked that. Due to my initial wounding of the break in the bond with my mother, certainty had become my number one priority, and I valued and admired people that had answers. It initiated a quest for spiritual truth that I'm still on to this day, although now, I value the unknown and unanswered questions because of another turning point that I discuss in the vlog below.

⭐Did you play full out? What are some of the recurring emotions in your life? Mine are overwhelm, joy, frustration, anger, and shame (although I don't experience much shame at all anymore. Thank goodness!)

xo Rachael

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