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  • Rachael Marie Shaffer, RMT

💫 Soul Coaching: Day 10

Good Evening, Soul Coaching Buddies! Today we identified those people, places, and things that zap our energy, those that juice our energy -- bringing us joy and vitality, and (if you're playing full out) committed to eliminating one zapper and increasing one juicer. I have a sizable list of zappers, but even more juicers! I noticed that I've already begun decreasing my exposure and limiting the zappers in my life and increasing those things that nourish my soul! Many of the items on my zapper list involve strained or challenging communication -- like phone calls, customer service positions (which seemed to be my lot in life for a while), conversations where I'm barraged with Yes or No questions or that feel like I'm being interrogated. I believe that these are draining for me because even though I have skills in communication and am usually great at customer service, I am part hermit via Human Design and have very little Air in my astrological chart. So, some conversations take a lot out of me, but it's not always the case. Deep, fulfilling, connecting, and fun conversations where I get to know someone else and share myself on a deep level or where we're rolling on the floor laughing at stupid stuff are two of the things that make me feel the most alive. It could possibly be that I'm sensitive to sound, so tone, rhythm, and volume have a huge impact on me. I forgot to add in the vlog that big crowds or large groups, where the vibe is kind of off or there's lots of conflicting agendas are terribly draining to me.

For juicers, my list includes a lot of creativity and being in the flow of music, inspired or channeled writing, reading, laughing, being in nature and with animals, working with crystals, learning something new, exercising/ stretching, glittery things, putting on makeup, soft/ draping fabrics, physical affection, driving, diffusing essential oils, waking up early after a restful sleep (this is a rare occurrence -- Pisces moon peeps love sleep!), giving and receiving healing energy, taking an exhilarating shower after a long workout, film-making, going to a restaurant with a group of friends and buzzing/ laughing with interesting conversation, and this list goes on and on!

Check out the vlog below. (The thumbnail made me LOL!)

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Tell me about your zappers and juicers or what you commit to limiting/ increasing in the comments!

xo Rachael

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