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  • Rachael Marie Shaffer, RMT

💫 Soul Coaching: Day 13

How timely! Last night, I felt that it was important to be authentic as I processed some dark emotions, but I knew that the source was a desperate need to practice gratitude. I was even projecting ungratefulness onto other people. Rookie mistake! I had decided as I was falling asleep that if I didn't feel better today, I would do some gratitude journaling. When I read today's chapter, I knew without a doubt that Denise Linn was divinely guided as she was writing this book. For Level 1, you found the good in everything and everyone you encountered today, finding a reason to be grateful for everything. At Level 2, you wrote a list of things you are grateful for and a list of things you are ungrateful for -- then found something to be grateful for in each item. For example, I was feeling really ungrateful that I was in this small town with "nothing to do", and I realized that that is exactly why I chose to get out of NYC. So that I would have some time to take care of my needs, process all that I had learned, and read the books that I longed to indulge in. That is exactly what I have right now -- and it is not permanent. So, that shook me out of it. At Level 3, we looked in the mirror and said, "I love you. I appreciate you." xo Rachael

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