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  • Rachael Marie Shaffer, RMT

💫 Soul Coaching: Day 14

Today was our last day of Water Week, You Guys!!! How do you feel? I'm feeling so much joy right now. Thanks for sticking with me while I processed some darker emotions. How quickly they are transmuted to joy when we apply our spiritual knowledge! I do believe it's important to feel whatever is there in the moment and not deny or stuff. I also don't believe in any feeling being "wrong", as they are the signaling system that let us know to pay attention to our thoughts.

We found another area of the home to clean. I cleaned that kitchen and it's sparkling! That makes me feel happy. For Level 1, we looked at those unworthy questions we ask ourselves and changed them to Noble Questions. I noticed my low quality questions while I was in the fitting room as I was clothes shopping. Those mirrors and the lighting are so unkind, but it's empowering to know that so that you don't believe that it's an accurate image of you. Instead of asking, "Why do I look so disgusting?" I was able to ask, "How can I see past the widened mirrored image of myself and fluorescent lighting to see my beauty." It made a huge difference. As I was driving away, I noticed that I felt so much freedom!

Level 2 involved Releasing Victim Thinking by selecting an event where we felt like a victim and asking a series of questions to empower ourselves. At Level 3, we Chose Our Lives by looking at turning points and affirming that we chose to experience them. I went into these extensively in my vlog. (Link below as soon as it is fully uploaded!) We also chose a Noble Question to experience more abundance of something in our lives. "How can I experience even more prosperity in my life?" See you tomorrow for the first day of Fire Week! xo Rachael

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