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  • Rachael Marie Shaffer, RMT

💫 Soul Coaching: Day 15

We made it to fire week! I'm definitely feeling the heat. We reviewed and faced some of our fears today. I am feeling a bit fearless, courageous, and honestly a bit aggressive today. I will be facing a fear tonight... We have an infestation over here in PA (and I'm hearing in other areas) of the disgustingness that is called a stinkbug. Stinkbug? Really? Anyway, they've been getting into my apartment through gaps where the air conditioner is. I've been getting rid of them, but last night when I slid into bed after a long day and so excited to go to sleep, I felt something on my arm. I looked, and it was a giant one. I knocked it off with my phone. Ended up sleeping rather restlessly on the couch. Had my dad come over to find it for me (you know, cuz I'm alone in life. LOL!), and he actually put some kind of screen or mesh on the back of the air conditioner to prevent more from getting in. I'm going to brave it and sleep in my bed tonight. Bugs freak me out so much, and there are plenty here. I usually am live and let live about it, but not with these. Google them. They're terrifying. Hahaha! I am feeling courageous though. How was your first day of fire week? I talk more extensively in my vlog below! See you tomorrow! xo Rachael

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