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  • Rachael Marie Shaffer, RMT

๐Ÿ’Ž Crystal Card of the Day for September 26th, 2017!

It's time to find your soul tribe, or others that really understand where you're coming from, have a similar outlook or spiritual belief, and/or provide you with a deep sense of belonging. If you're fortunate, you were born into yours, but most of us find ours while out exploring places we're drawn to or participating in activities that we're passionate about. If yours are already in place, plan a get-together or event to connect with each other even more deeply. If you don't already have this group of kindred souls to call on and connect with, find a place or activity near you that sounds like a lot of fun or really interesting. You are bound to meet potential friends when you're out, feeling fully alive! If not, you've invested in yourself, which is never wasted energy. Spirit Quartz (or Fairy Quartz, Cactus Quartz, or Spirit Crystals) is a beautiful crystal that brings a sense of unity and cohesiveness to groups of people. It also creates that harmony inside an individual, which allows him/her to feel at peace about working/ being with others when typically he/she feels more like an outcast or wallflower. Since Spirit Quartz resonates with the Heart and Crown Chakras, it is especially powerful in connecting individuals during group healing work and meditations. Warmest Wishes, Rachael

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