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  • Rachael Marie Shaffer, RMT

💫 Soul Coaching: Day 16

I had an amazing day, you guys!!! The first commitment was to have fun as much as possible. I got to play a lot! And by play, I mean sing. I went to the gym and wore really cute workout clothes, which just made the workout even better. I even talked to a few people, instead of giving my "Don't bother me. I'm in the zone!" face! That actually felt good and didn't take anything away from my having a good workout. I sang loudly to songs on the radio in the car. I house sat for my parents (they didn't even ask me to! 🤣) while they were away for the day and watched The Voice and sang to some of my vocal tracks, recorded by my incredibly talented friend Garrit. A little rusty, but I'll get it back. I recalled seeing a recording studio when I went to get my licensed renewed at the DMV. I think I'll reach out to them tomorrow and just get some information. That would be a really fun project to record some music!

I played my favorite music while I stretched, which made it so much fun. I also opened the blinds to let the sun in, since I went to the gym early today and the sun was still out when I got home. My Swarovski crystals were making rainbows all over me and the walls. That made me so happy. It's the little things, I'm learning. I really feel like I'm just buzzing with happiness and have been the last couple of days. This is what fire does to me I guess. LOL! Hang out with me while I tell you about my day -- Vlog below! How was your day? See you tomorrow, Spiritual Warriors! xo Rachael

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