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  • Rachael Marie Shaffer, RMT

💫 Soul Coaching: Day 18

Today, I was up at 7:00 AM and took in the beautiful scenery of the the green trees and white clouds floating by in the glow of the freshly risen sun. I felt completely content in that moment, and there wasn't anywhere else I wanted to be because I was present. Later, I read that that would be our exercise for Level 1, and thought Of Course! So many synchronicities corresponding to the assignments Denise Linn gives us and what I'm naturally guided to do. Awe-inspiring really. I was still feeling a little under the weather today, so I relaxed and did some things around the house. For Level 2, we visualized an angel enveloping us in its wings and feeling complete acceptance and unconditional love as our light grew brighter and brighter. This was very lovely and was definitely comforting. I was feeling a little antsy though and couldn't fully relax into it -- not really like me. I usually go in deep right away, but I'll chalk it up to all of the fire.

For Level 3, we said Yes to all the experiences that came our way, choosing life to an even higher degree. I have to say that I let this slip a bit and got into a complaining mood. I had a great phone conversation with my Dad, which is very out of the ordinary. We usually don't really have much to say on the phone to each other because neither of us are the phone call types. So, I was grateful for that. My mother came over to visit, which made me so happy! We sometimes trigger each other though and perceive that the other is criticizing. This is where I got into my complaining spiral and lost my presence. But because I'm saying Yes to all experiences, I just have to use the icky feeling it left and chalk it up to a lesson learned that I need to remain mindful and grateful when my Mom is around or we will trigger and antagonize each other. After she left, I did the candle meditation and visualized inhaling the fire, allowing it to purify me in every way -- clearing out that negative energy -- and expanding my creative, life force, vitality, joy, and energy field to fill up the space. Felt both of my feet heat up as I attuned and strengthened my roots! I go into more detail in my vlog: (Link below as soon as it's uploaded)

How was your day? See you tomorrow!! xo Rachael

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