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  • Rachael Marie Shaffer, RMT

๐Ÿ’Ž Crystal Card of the Day for September 29th, 2017!

Find the time today to do at least one thing that nurtures your soul or cares for your physical body. Experiencing fulfillment requires that our needs are met, and there are many ways to meet those needs. Some are high quality and healthy investments and others are low level that provide us with short term relief but all too quickly have us craving more. Decide what a good investment of your time, energy, or money would be and give that to yourself today. When we look after our own well-being, we are far less needy and demanding of others. Also, when we take optimal care of ourselves, we feel confident, strong, and vital, showing up as our best selves and offering a positive presence everywhere we go.

Brecciated Jasper offers a very nurturing energy -- known as the "supreme nurturer" in fact -- providing strength and vitality to its wearer. A healthy relationship to our sexuality can be an important aspect of feeling nurtured and fulfilled, and Brecciated Jasper can help one to overcome issues of sexual guilt, shame, aggressiveness, even compatibility between partners. This stone also offers a grounding influence, and part of taking good care of your health and well-being is to be grounded in your body. Nurturing you into a state of tranquility and stability, Brecciated Jasper is the perfect choice for those times in life when you need a health-inducing dose of TLC.

xo Rachael

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