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  • Rachael Marie Shaffer, RMT

💫 Soul Coaching: Day 19

I can honestly say that I have participated in so many spiritual ceremonies and healing modalities, but I have never been asked to do what we did today. Our exercises all involved facing our fear of death so that we are able to be more present in life. It's beautiful and I absolutely get it, but I was still a bit put off at first. I tried the exercises anyway with an open mind and heart and was pleasantly surprised. At Level 1, we made a ceremonial fire and burned an item that represented our bodies or identities, affirming that "Although I have a body and an identity, it is not who I am. In my essence, I am Divine Light! I drew a picture of myself, wrote the affirmation on it, focused on the flame, and repeated the affirmation over and over again. It was very satisfying to watch the image burn.

At Level 2 was the Rocking Chair Test, where we imagined that we were in our last days on earth and asked ourselves if we were ready to die. What we would have done more or less of, etc. This didn't hit me while I was doing the exercise, but it feels really emotional to think about regretting not spending time with the people that I love as much as possible before I go. I'm a total hermit and need alone time to thrive, but I can certainly strike a better balance. That's really what this experience is all about , right? I have this illusion that I need to find great success and make a big impact on the world, helping people on their spiritual path. But what does it all matter without the ones we love? For Level 3, we imagined different scenarios of how we could die, facing our fear of death and taking the charge off. This was a little shocking when I read what she wanted us to do. I tried it anyway. It was actually kind of fun and interesting, appealing to my dramatic side. I'm sure it was triggering for some however. Anyway, I go more in depth in my vlog below. How was your day? See you tomorrow! xo Rachael

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