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  • Rachael Marie Shaffer, RMT

💫 Soul Coaching: Day 20

Today's exercises were definitely helpful to me. I didn't have a great start to the day, having not rested well and receiving lots of calls and notifications in the morning. Had to work through a lot of intense emotions the entire day. Last night, I had asked a new friend if they needed some distance Reiki for some physical illness that had come up for them, offering to do it this evening -- not realizing that today's theme would be to perform random acts of kindness throughout the day. At Level 1, we imagined that we had big angel's wings of light and visualized enveloping people lovingly, especially those that we have difficult relationships with. At Level 2, we were extending kindness wherever and whenever we could. At Level 3, we performed a random act of kindness, purely for the experience in compassion, attaching no credit to ourselves for doing so.

I had dinner with some family that I wasn't sure I had a lot in common with and was in an emotional place to begin with. I had heard that these particular relatives had spoken about me in a judgmental way in the past and was tempted to hold a grudge, but decided to take care of myself so that I could be open to giving and receiving love with them. At first it was impossible because I was triggered early on by a remark that I took as an ever so subtle dig, but I excused myself, went to the restroom, cried a bit and did some light medical qigong (to discharge all of the pent up energy and assimilate it into vitality), and came back emptied and open to receive and give love. I listened intently and sincerely as my aunt talked about her job and was legitimately inspired by her success and confidence, asking her lots of questions. I then took a risk and talked about the healing work that I do, despite having been judged in the past. I feel that because she felt understood by me, she was much more willing to be open and understand me and my work. She may even have a session! That gave me so much hope on a day full of despair. We all just want to feel like we're not alone, and that someone cares enough to understand. More details in my vlog below! How was your day?

xo Rachael

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