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  • Rachael Marie Shaffer, RMT

💫 Soul Coaching: Day 21

Today we took a lot of time to express ourselves creatively through doodling. Before I did the assignment, I went shopping (again.) What can I say? I had a coupon. I noticed that I was drawn to blues and pinks, trying on items that truly did look like works of art. I think after the emotional day I had yesterday (it got really dark), I needed some calming, soothing vibes from the blues and gentle, compassionate, loving vibes from the pink. At Level 1, we meditated on the emotional state we were in that moment and drew it. Then we drew a representation of an emotion we would like to feel. And, finally, we drew a representation of what our soul would like us to know about today. All of my doodles were shown in my vlog. Link in bio!

For Level 2, we let go of our inner perfectionist/ critic and doodled to some fun tunes -- drawing to the rhythm abstractly, while focused on the question, "If my soul wanted to tell me something about my spiritual journey in this life, what would it be?" First drawing with our dominant hand, second with our non-dominant, and third with both hands. We then took all the images, put our hands on them, closed our eyes, and asked what message our soul had for us. This is what came in for me, "You are here to channel Divine Light and inspiration to the Earth, like a lightning rod. Do your best to stay out of the way. When you take on negative vibes and/or believe low quality thoughts, you will suffer a lot because it's so dissonant to your high frequency. Keep channeling light and inspiration, sharing love and joy with others, and you will be protected and provided for. No fear, Little Lightning Rod!" I know this message wasn't just for me! Also, I went through some really dark emotions yesterday. If anyone else is feeling that and needs someone to talk to who truly cares, please don't hesitate to reach out! We're in this thing together!

Last day of Fire Week!! Tomorrow -- Earth Week begins! xo Rachael

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