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  • Rachael Marie Shaffer, RMT

๐Ÿ’Ž Crystal Card of the Day for October 2nd, 2017!

As you learn to observe your inner voice without dismissing, suppressing, or arguing with it, you begin to trust yourself and life begins to feel a lot less like thrashing about to stay above water and more like you're effortlessly flowing with the stream. Your intuition begins to open as you embrace stillness and patience, feeling more in touch with the pulse of the planet and rhythm of the moon. Your wealth of experience has taught you that indirectly influencing your circumstances through opening to receptivity and managing your vibration are just as important as taking persistent action toward your goals.

Silver is great to work with to get in touch with your yin energy, open up to your intuition, and getting to know the deepest parts of yourself without judgment. Believed to attract prosperity and connect to the energy of the moon, Silver has been used in abundance rituals and candle magic to attract wealth. Another great trait about silver is that it will amplify the energy of crystals and gemstones when worn in tandem -- silver is known to dispel negative energy from the system, allowing the crystal energy's influence to be felt more intensely. Wear just before bed to promote psychic dreams!

Warmest Wishes,


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