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  • Rachael Marie Shaffer, RMT

💫 Soul Coaching: Day 22

This was the start of our week with the element of earth. It was a trying day as we processed the mass shooting in Vegas last night. I feel so contrite today for all of the rage, ungratefulness, irritation, meanness, irrational and erratic behaviors I've put out into the world. I believe in my soul that we need to be the change we wish to see, so being kind and caring for ourselves in order to extend that to others is so important. That's why I dedicated the first part of my vlog (below) to tools that can help you self-soothe whenever you need to manage intense emotions, which are just as contagious as a physical virus to those who are sensitive. I need to call on these tools much more frequently myself. That being said, if you were participating at Level 1, you did the Body Assessment, which involved a check list of beliefs, behaviors, and facts to ensure that you're taking optimal care of your physical state. At Level 2, you made a Commitment to Your Body -- I opted to allot enough time to ensure that I am able to stretch after each workout, which is so important for my system. At Level 3, your were Talking to Your Body, asking each part if it had a message for you. My heart was full of anxiety understandably but I took some time to self-soothe. My feet were feeling achy and appreciated that I was working out to alleviate some of the heaviness. My stomach was feeling like it was having some trouble digesting and assimilating some of the foods I've been putting into it. My head was feeling spacey and tense because of the sleep patterns that I've been subjecting it to, so I need to prioritize getting more quality sleep.

Anyway, sending love and light out to all of you and to the people in Las Vegas! I want to be a part of the change by taking better care of my needs so that I can spread the contagious acts of love, kindness, and joy, as well as honor the lives lost by playing full out in life, allowing more life to flow through me, and to fulfill my purpose more intently. Love you all! See you tomorrow. xo Rachael

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