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  • Rachael Marie Shaffer, RMT

💫 Soul Coaching: Day 24

We worked with how we carry our body today! I really love this information because when I first discovered that you can change your state by the way you move your body, I felt so empowered! This was a breakthrough for me when I was studying acting because most of the approaches had me analyzing each word, putting me in my head, and I couldn't find a solution. This gave me a lot of freedom to know that there's not just one way to do anything. If you smile, you feel happy, and if you feel happy. So, simple, and yet I had not figured that out for myself. At Level 1, we thought about what others may think of us based on how we use our bodies. At Level 2, we decided which emotions we'd like to feel, then used a physiological strategy to achieve that state. At Level 3, we made time for Rejuvenation Time, fully relaxing in posture and recharging our energy.

When I studied Chakra Therapy, Anodea Judith taught us that our posture and even the size of our bodies said a lot about the thoughts, emotions, and energy that we experienced most frequently. If an area of the body is jutting out toward the front, that energy center is exacerbated, taking on too much charge. If an energy center is deflated in front, it is underactive and possibly energy is being siphoned from other overactive centers. I talk about this in more detail in my vlog below. I also realized that when I'm tired, focused, overwhelmed, or over-analyzing, I tend to get the resting bitch face syndrome -- amplifying my irritation. I made a conscious effort to soften my expression, and I felt friendlier and kinder just from that simple shift. People were so friendly and kind after I did so too! xo Rachael

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