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  • Rachael Marie Shaffer, RMT

💫 Soul Coaching: Day 25

The exercises for today all involved getting in touch with nature. At Level 1, we were Replenished by Nature as we visualized being surrounded by a beautiful naturescape of our choosing. For Level 2: Become the Earth, we envisioned what it would be like to be the Earth, spinning in its axis, the fiery core, half lit by the sun with the other half in darkness, etc. Then we ended that visualization with shape-shifting into various aspects of the earth: a field, a cave, a flower, etc. and possibly dissolved into the consciousness of that aspect. At Level 3: Awakening Natural Rhythms Within You, we physically connected to some form of nature, whether that be earthing with our bare feet on the soil, feeling the wind in our hair, or leaning against a tree. We then dissolved into it, allowing the soul of the earth merge with ours, feeling the natural rhythms inside.

Just the sound of the phrase "the rhythm of nature" brings me joy and lights me up! I first visualized a tree-filled mountain, which was just so majestic and mysterious. It was very grounding and calming. For the Earth meditation, it was very expansive and actually a little lonely. The image of myself as a child, alone in a field, playing with the blades of grass and dandelions kept sneaking in, which was a little sad and empty. For the Playing Full Out option, I went outside in the rain, even feeling the damp blades of grass grazing the parts of my feet that weren't covered by my flip flops. As I walked a bit in the rain, I saw a tiny frog hop across the street, which reminded me of the meme that I created for today's post because of the pattern it was jumping in. Felt synchronous. I had another animal synchronicity today. Talked about it in my vlog below. How was your day? See you tomorrow!

xo Rachael

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