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  • Rachael M. Shaffer, RMT

💫 Soul Coaching: Day 26

Creating a sacred and safe space for myself is my specialty. First of all, my ascendant is in Cancer. Secondly, I am a psychic sponge, so having a space to release, recharge, and relax isn't an option -- it's mandatory. Color choice is very important. As a teenager, I chose midnight blue everything because it was my favorite color and matched it with magical, celestial decor. I definitely developed my spiritual side at that time, but I was also extremely depressed. Dark hues need to be limited in my living space, I've since learned. For today's exercises, at Level 1, we brought a bit of nature into our home. I unpacked many of my crystals and found the perfect spot for each, which brought me so much joy! For Level 2, we went around our space and asked if each area and object nourished our soul. If not, we tweaked or purged. We also found a power spot that was dedicated to relaxing, meditating, and rejuvenating your spirit. I have a beautiful wooden, cushioned rocking chair that sits across from my living room window. I really like sitting there occasionally and watching the clouds and trees, listening to nature sounds and meditative music.

For Level 3, we created a sacred space, such as an altar, in our home that is dedicated to our soul and filled with reminders of what nourishes that part of us. Denise suggested that we include representations of the four elements, plus one for the Creator. I set up a little area next to my window, in view of my rocking chair, with an essential oil diffuser, crystals, a rock with an Aum symbol on it, a sparkly gold God box, and a crystal butterfly votive holder, all on a beautiful purple cloth with gold thread woven through. I'm going to add more as I continue to unpack my sacred items. More details in my vlog below! What was your experience today? See you tomorrow! Only 2 more days to go in our journey together! xo Rachael

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