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  • Rachael M. Shaffer, RMT

💫 Soul Coaching: Final Exercise

Our final exercise for this Soul Coaching journey is now to pray for guidance in a ceremonial healing circle, surrounded by each element and/or sacred objects that have meaning to you. Do this in nature or indoors where you can see nature through a window. Visualize yourself being an open channel for Life Force and Divine Guidance to flow through, then wait. Patiently watch for signs around you and listen for guidance within. I was only able to briefly do this exercise today and want to do this fully for as long as it takes, so I will record a vlog tomorrow after doing it full out. That being said, I made a connection to the amount of stinkbugs that I had seen in my space, even after the poison was sprayed. Two nights ago, I sprayed Lavender and Peppermint oils mixed in a spray bottle with water around my apartment. Haven't seen one since, thank goodness!

That being said, I thought about how they traveled to the US in luggage and invaded our homes, attempting to make them their own. I realized that my desire to escape my hometown, literally run away, and make first NYC and now somewhere in California my home was putting too much pressure on either location. I would never fully fit in, be at peace, and would be putting out an intrusive, expectant, and entitled energy that would make it impossible for me to find community and feel at home anywhere. This is why I needed to take this journey to reconcile and heal my relationship to my place of origin and family of origin before moving forward to another place. I have made so much progress through the Soul Coaching journey with you all and under Denise Linn's guidance. So deeply grateful! Again, I'll be doing this exercise thoroughly tomorrow and will report back with a vlog about the experience. Have a great night! See you tomorrow for the final post!

xo Rachael

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