• Rachael M. Shaffer, RMT

💙🕉👁 Managing My Sensitivity

💎🕉👁 SENSITIVITY! My relationship with this word has evolved over time, as I've learned to love and appreciate this aspect of myself. Learning that my system is super responsive in letting me know what's not right for me is hardly a weakness, but if I ignore the signals, I am assuring dis-ease of some kind. Like yesterday at the gym, a radio station was being played, but it wasn't quite tuned to the signal, so there was some static. Most people probably couldn't tell, but my hearing is very sensitive and I left feeling drained. May need to start using my airpods, even though I really dislike that feeling. I could have also requested that the station be changed. Still learning to prioritize my well-being and not be ashamed to ask for support -- a lifelong lesson in communication, it seems. 💙🕉

❥Email info@urbanempath.com to book a personal consultation in managing your sensitivity! 🌺 xo Rachael

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